Rolling Gifts!

Celebrating our 4th birthday with AWA tickets & money draws
We’d like to thank you for choosing RollerAds as your ad network and offer a chance to win two tickets to Affiliate World Asia, which will take place on 7–8 December 2023 in Bangkok.

AWA is one of the largest networking opportunities out there, with 5,500+ attendees from 35+ countries. Brightest minds of the industry, data-driven insights, and 120+ advertisers — that’s just a tip of AWA iceberg.

How to win a ticket

One ticket is good, but two are better: one for the advertisers, and the other one is for the publishers. To take part in the contest, you have to follow these simple steps
For advertisers
  1. Make sure you are registered on RollerAds
  2. Spend $1000 on your ad campaigns during October (01.10–31.10)
For publishers
  1. Make sure your website has RollerAds monetization on
  2. Receive at least a $500 in total while working with RollerAds
If you are new
  1. Create your profile as a publisher or an advertiser
  2. Follow the conditions above and fight for your chance to win a prize
Even if you don’t get a ticket, you still have a chance to win! We’re giving away 6 giftcards for your account at the end of a month.
Similar to the tickets, these 6 giftcards are given randomly to the participants.
3 for Advertisers
3 for Publishers

That’s it. We’ll announce lucky winners in November!

Nuts & Bolts of the Contest

At the end of the month, we will give away the participant IDs via emails to the accounts, which met the required conditions
At the start of November, we will randomly determine two lucky winners
The results will be published on our Telegram channel, so make sure to subscribe in order not to miss out all the important information
But We Ain’t Done Yet!
As we have said in the beginning, it’s not only about the tickets. Each week we’ll post some small contests with simple tasks on our social networks, which, after being completed, can give you up to $100 to your account balance.
4 weeks = 4 chances to score!
Every week, we will announce a new task for you to complete and win some cash for your account. The social platforms will be different, so if you haven’t subscribed to all of them… what are you waiting for?
Gotta catch’em all!


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